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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in Ireland?

Ireland has an unpredictable climate with many people saying that all four seasons can be experienced in one day! The climate tends to be moderate – never blisteringly hot in summer and never bitterly cold in winter. Average summer temperatures range from 15 – 24°C (60s F), spring and autumn temperatures are in the 10s°C (50s F) and winter averages 0 – 5°C (30s F) with no huge day/night differences. Dressing in layers is a good way to stay comfortable throughout the day


How many people are on your tour?

We have a maximum of 20 people on our tours. 


I have food allergies. Can you accommodate me?

Yes! We are very familiar with food allergies and will inform the chefs where we eat in advance of your allergies. Please let us know at booking about your dietary requirements. As we don't prepare the food, please remind the waitstaff at each restaurant of your allergies. 


Do you offer any free time during the trip?

We offer great sightseeing during the days to make the most of your trip to Ireland. You will have some evenings free.  If you would like to skip a day of the tour and have a free day to explore on your own just let us know and we will help you organize your transportation.


What travel documents do I need to visit Ireland?

You will need a valid passport. Check that yours is valid, preferably until six months past your travel date and with blank pages so that officials can stamp entry/exit details. Non-EU citizens should check visa requirements with their nearest Irish or British embassy or consulate well in advance of your planned trip.

More information on visa requirements for Ireland can be found on the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs website. 


What should I pack to wear?

Generally, you want to be very comfortable and casual. A dinner jacket for men may be required for one of our castle dinners.  Dressing in layers provides most comfort as you can shed and add items when the temperatures fluctuate. Please be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and a raincoat.


Will I need electrical converters and adaptors?

A 3-prong adapter for use in Ireland and Britain will be needed to charge your electronics. Hotels provide a shaver outlet in the bathroom and most hotels have a hair dryer and iron in the room or will supply them on request. 


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 617-249-8124 or if you are in Ireland, 042 939 0072.